Friday, August 15, 2008


So, I've heard tell of this legendary beast, and I've finally met it: the baby-poop that reaches the armpits! Yeehaw! The damage wasn't too great, but it was still impressive. We are still using cloth diapers with basic but effective Dappi covers; I like them quite alot and they usually contain most messes; just not today.

That is even before we've added some artifical factors; I'm headed into town right now to finally cave in and take antibiotics for my "maxillary sinusitis subsequent to an odontogenic infection". Yeah, mmmm. Basically an infected root from a cranky old tooth that I've been keeping at bay for years, but it finally broke through to my sinus and has been causing some rather unpleasant symptoms for the past couple weeks. Not terribly painful, and I've been trying to see if I can deal with it in other ways, but I think it's time to use modern medicine. Uck. And then in a few weeks, a spendy root canal; ack. I do suspect that the stress of nursing while not getting enough sleep due to my work schedule finally pushed us over the edge to the infection. Blah.

Fingers crossed that this little round of antibiotics (our first since Bean was born) won't lead to thrush, which I have been paranoid about. Overgrowth of yeast in baby's mouth and on mom caused by killing good bacteria with the drugs. Bacteria are usually our friends, and I am a firm believer in natural remedies whenever possible.

I usually overthink and analyze and research these things, though, which it gets tiresome. But now I have TWO people directly affected when I make decisions about my health; Bean IS an extension of my body right now, as he's exclusively breastfed. But it's time to get serious with some sinus/tooth interlopers. Wish us luck. Onward!

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el said...

Oh, ick; I have been there. I favored the up-the-back-to-the-folds-of-the-neck poops myself. We cloth diapered the whole time and she didn't get food until she was nearly 18 months. That's a lot of my time, my concern for what I ate! At one point she developed an allergy to both soy AND dairy so I had to keep them out of the diet...hard, as I was veg at the time. The upside? I take my coffee black now! No thrush, ever, but I did get mastitis a couple of times, once requiring an antibiotic.

Bean will be fine! And root canals are not the awful things they were in the past. Take care, girl!