Thursday, August 07, 2008

Top of Mind

Wow, those weekend adventures DO wear us out. I'm finally through my shortened work week, and zzzzzz. I think I have a sinus infection, and milk production is down (at least when pumping -?!?) The house is a mess; life gets too busy. Back home now for a few days, but for an upcoming journey in time this weekend.

I finally got my hair cut yesterday, with the person who actually did a good job about 2 cuts ago, which was 2 years ago. Not sure if it was an off day for her, but the cut is rather odd and very short; it got past my cardinal "long enough for a ponytail" rule while she was trying to fix it up. Ah, well... as I've learned from many bad cuts over my life: it'll grow back.

It was quite a production to get in to get a haircut; where would Bean be? WF walked him around the neighboorhood while the stylist took a looong time trying to figure out my odd hair (neither of us could really remember what she did last time). I was happy to be done with some of the length and had been planning to get it cut for a long time; top priority was not getting in my way at night or during diaper changes, etc.

It wasn't until leaving that I remembered that I am due to peform in 1912 garb this coming weekend, and this haircut will NOT work very well for that. Phooey! I used to consider my infrequent but much-enjoyed living history appearances when choosing glasses or haircuts, or at least the timing. If only I'd waited till next week!

But I'm not too upset; we'll make it work. Just another example of the new baby-mind taking over former priorities, I guess!

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pablo said...

I just tell my stylist to cut down to the bone, but I'm a guy and we can get away with that.