Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Climatologist Chicken

Ms. Orpington says:
Hmmm.... Green grass AFTER Christmas in Minnesota. More evidence for my emerging "Poultry Position on Weather Weirdness". It IS delicious evidence, however. Excuse me... gotta do a little closer, sampling. **peck-snap, peck-snap, peck-snap!**

Hope you all had a nice, if green holiday! We are back and the chickens are definitely enjoying the weather. "Big Rooster" is done molting and tells me we are all now free to admire his new tail feathers.

And, of course, his spurs:

Yikes! I also appreciate his calm temperament. After this photo session, I asked him to kindly remove his poop-prone harem from my deck, and he happily obliged. Definitely points in his favor if it comes down to one rooster, not two! Young rooster (nearly full grown, but with little nubbin spurs) is just now finding his, ah, interest in the hens. Poor guy is pretty frustrated. But we're NOT going to have repeat of last year, which led to some interesting poultry fashion. Close monitoring and adventures continue...


Debbie said...

Do you, by any chance, sell your chicken eggs?

GTR said...

Hi, Debbie-

We used to sell, mostly to co-workers, etc, but the chickens have been on quite an extended "vacation" lately- ie very very few eggs.

With the young ones coming into lay now, maybe we'll have enough in spring or summer? I can keep you posted. We really don't have enough chickens to meet demand for good eggs around here... maybe more someday!

Deb said...

Her first name wouldn't be Buffy, by chance? :)

I have taken a pledge of no more roosters here. I just don't like dealing with ornery ones!