Saturday, December 09, 2006

Laundry Life

How NOT to reassure your fearing-blasé-middle-age wife:

GTR: I used to do so much more in my life: travel, adventure, intellectual or idealistic things. What am I doing with my life now?

WF (innocently): Laundry?

Ha! In his defense, I WAS standing there with some freshly air-dried laundry in my hands. Ah, life.


BurdockBoy said...

Living simply/homesteading is all of the things you used to do....minus the travel.

I look forward to settling don and havng a garden that I can maintain year to year. Perhaps there will still be time to travel in the spring.

GTR said...

Yes, indeed, Burdockboy! I'll admit to a bit of "grass is always greener" syndrome: ie I spent months traveling in New Zealand, always thinking: This could be a good place for a garden, etc... I wanted roots.

I do have roots now, and I'm grateful. Just sometimes remember a time of more flexibility fondly... but we CAN do so much where we are.