Thursday, December 21, 2006

Solstice Gift

We had a nice solstice surprise when WF checked the chickens and coop tonight:

The first egg from a young hen who was hatched from an egg here, nearly 6 months ago! The cycle of seasons AND the cycle of chickens makes itself present tonight. The egg on the left is from an older hen, likely the one who's been laying sporadically for the past month or so. The one on the right is a very first egg, likely from a rather suprised former pullet! Heck, she could even be the daughter of the other egg-layer. Circles...

Special significance today on the most natural and earth-based holiday. I don't mind celebrating Christmas with family the day after the "actual" date, etc because the 25th was chosen by humans. But the solstice has been celebrated RIGHT NOW for centuries. Even our young chicken is getting into the spirit of renewal!

But before we get too mystical about this, it's good to note that while it's a surprise to get a first egg on the darkest day (chickens are rather light sensitive) the "increasing day length" now bodes well for some fresh egg production from these budding young hens. Horray!

Peace, everyone: may you all find a pleasant holiday surprise, somewhere!


Imma (a.k.a. ... Alice) said...

Many would think us strange, but it is exciting when a pullet becomes a hen... lol.

To read a poem I wrote about a pullet becoming a hen, go to this URL:

clairesgarden said...

solstice eggs! a miracle!!
well done that chicken.
many blessings for the holiday season and the coming new year!