Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hey, wow! I have a blog!? That needs updating every once in a while? Oh, yeah.
Please stand by while I think of something entertaining or enlightening to say. I think the lull in exercising while sick these past couple weeks has caused a similar lull in the writing, post-creating part of my brain.

I did enjoy this, though: it’s one of the top hits in a search that ALSO yields this blog (I’m so proud): “cat cheese puff”. How random and bizarre, another nearby cat getting by on cheese puff power!

OK. I know that there IS a lot to write about in the wider world, but sometimes I wonder if that’s what I should be doing here. Do people come here to read about my thoughts on global warming? Local food? Welfare reform? Or to see pictures of the chickens and hear what we’ve been up to here at home (Hi Dad and Donna!)? Or does it really matter at all, because this is MY blog? Hmm. I suppose I could be more industrious with the REAL writing one of these days, even if just for my own darn self.

I DO know that I love it when posts get comments (baring my soul, here, people, be nice). But alas, I think I may have violated some blog comment etiquette rules by not always responding. Sorry about that.

I know I forget to go back to places where I’ve commented to see an answer there; do people really see responses put in the comments? But so many people don’t use their emails, and then I get busy (already feel guilty about using too much work computer time) and... Result? I think: less comments. What do you think? What’s the best practice in this case?

This is mostly a place for sharing and recording our own phenology/events (plus writing practice), but I’ll admit that the online community is also very intriguing… I just don’t have the online time to really nurture it as I’d like. (Where DO you all find time?) But I will make a good try to get answers posted in the comments sections, at least. Sound good?


Prairie Chick said...

Do people come here to read about my thoughts on global warming? Local food? Welfare reform? Or to see pictures of the chickens...

Yes! This is only MY opinion, but I like to see what other people are doing with their lives. Most people think I have a boring life, so I am glad to see other people living happily with the some of the same things that make them happy too and I always get good ideas.

As far as the comments go, I'm in the same boat-don't know.

e4 said...

Subject matter? It doesn't matter, as long as it's interesting. (No pressure!)

Comment etiquite? Bah! Some people love that approach, but to me, forcing yourself to reply to comments just for the sake of replying doesn't add much. If I wanted idle chit-chat, I'd go to the office Christmas party. Er, holiday party.

I read a lot that I don't comment on. If it's a well-written entry, I may have nothing to add. If it's a topic I'm not familiar with or informed about, ditto.

I know what you mean about getting a little happy feeling when a comment comes in, and wondering what went wrong when the comments are scarce. The ego is a funny critter. I added a little widget from ClustrMaps that gives my psyche a little pat on the head when I fear that nobody is out there.

GTR said...

e4:Yes, that darn ego. It's wierd: other stuff I write, etc in my "other life" doesn't get many comments, and I don't care about that. Hmmm.

Prairie Chick: Yes, I do like the sharing of life stuff. It helps me remember than this life IS worth documenting, and that living where I do and and doing what I do still can be either very exotic or very familiar to people out there. I like that; it helps me look at life with fresh eyes and remember to document....

Deb said...

I admit, lately the comment count on my blog has been low and I've been wondering if I somehow offended a lot of people..I'm such an offensive person anyway...;)

I do love the sharing of life stories that goes on in blogging, and the feeling of reading one and connecting with it, and knowing that there's someone somewhere out there who knows what it's like to live with a sawdust toilet...and it is good!!!

greybeard said...

Yes, gtr, the reports of the events in your daily life are interesting. The pictures are great; you are a very creative photographer. We like seeing shots of our "grand-animals", but then I guess, being your dad, I am a little biased! We do get to see you and pictures and the animals first-hand, but it is nice to see how you share them and hear from others!