Friday, January 05, 2007

Big, Little

The hens really HAVE been busy lately; we’ve had some record egg days this week. But not all eggs are created equal...

The one on the left is still a first egg, I think, and the one on the right is a whopper from an “experienced” hen. When buying super jumbo eggs at our co-op last year, we enjoyed the sign that said: “Thank you for supporting older hen management with your purchase of these big eggs!” I guess the eggs just keep getting bigger as they age. Weird, eh?

And in other news, our new two-headed cat is getting along nicely. Schroeder (daughter) and Lutsen (mother) have suddenly, inexplicably been seen in close proximity to each other lately without the usual hissing, whapping and clawing that usually goes along with the proximity. Think I should be worried? Nah, it's likely just the peace-brokering effect of the new fuzzy blanket we got in the mail from WF's sister. The cats claimed it immediately upon present opening!


Deb said...

Strange coincidence--without seeing this post first, I posted a picture of a three-headed cat on my blog! :)

cityfarmer said...

This is too fun eh?