Monday, January 29, 2007

MPR Nerd

So, when was the last time YOUR local radio station gave you a cookie?

I am SUCH a nerd. Not only did I stop by to get a “special cookie” but I photographed and well, posted it. Ha! (I am so NOT trying to avoid other work right now, nuh-uh!). I didn't make to St. Paul for the tour, either (but I WANTED to!). You can also see my lovely, none-too-clean, well-used stainless steel travel mug. If I forget my mug, I can't have coffee or other to-go beverages (styrofoam is disgusting in so many ways).

I still feel a bit guilty about my iPod defection, but I think this little display of public affection should make up for that, eh?

1 comment:

El said...

Hah! You geek!! (very funny. I do confess Michigan Public Radio doesn't give me the same warm fuzzies that MPR did. I think it has to do with marketing. Somehow, there's not a ton of patriotism around being a Michiganian, unless you're a Yooper. Maybe we need our own movie a la Fargo.)