Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wierd Stuff

OK, we need to lighten up a bit around here, so I'm doing my second meme ever, the ubiquitious "6 wierd things about me". Wildside Musing tagged me, so here we go...

1. I can do many yo-yo tricks, something I taught myself in my twenties out of curiosity and possibly because I had too much time on my hands.

2. I am extremely entertained by grocery stores (now mostly natural food stores and co-ops), especially when traveling. I’ve lived in a couple places where going to the grocery store was a highlight of the day/week.

3. I spent much of my twenties living in rather rural, isolated places. My favorite was an island where I lived alone for a few days a week. My least favorite was the “City of Churches,” Nebraska.

4. I usually spell "wierd" wrong (weird)!

5. I tie my shoes in an odd way that involves reaching across the shoe and crossing my hands. I taught myself to do that when young, and since it works fairly well, I’ve never learned to do it “right”. The bows look a little weird, though.

And finally, the crowning glory…

6. When I was 12, my friend Carla and I formed a club called “W.O.W!” That stood for “Weirdest of Weirdos.” Indeed. We did things like draw unflattering pictures of our common, hated orthodontist and then tear them up. We were, ah, “creative” children.

So, there you go. More than you EVER needed to know. If you'd like to consider yourself tagged, please go ahead!

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Wildside Musing said...

Thanks for playing along!
And as to your two-headed cat post -- isn't it funny how much they appreciate fuzzy things? Mine always wants a pick up when I have a fuzzy pullover on!