Monday, January 22, 2007

Pampered Poultry

As promised in the previous post:
Chickens enjoying the neat wheatgrass treat!

Let's zoom in for more greens-eating action:

No editing sofware is at hand, but I'd love to give a few of those hens some dialogue. Check out those two plotting together on the upper left. (You distract him, I'll grab the box...Bawk!)

Lest you think we've gone a bit far, recall that greens give chickens great phytonutrients and other good stuff that translates into darker yolks and more nutritious eggs. That's what we tell ourselves anyway... it's also just fun to provide a tasty treat on a dreary winter day!


BurdockBoy said...

Lucky chickens. I haven't had a shot of wheatgrass fo some time.

cyndy said...

Oh I don't think you've gone to far at all! A happy hen rewards you! Love the photos!

I sprouted winter rye for mine (and in years with snowcover on the ground, I made them their own sandbox for the "sun deck"...)

Have you ever played classical music for them? (heh seriously, there was a study done on that...)

pablo said...

I admire the cleverness of your planting pot as well.

GTR said...

Yes, I forgot to mention that wheatgrass is good for people, too! I was looking at a hand-cranked juicer in Lehman's the other day. Ah, luxury...

Cyndy: Thanks! Glad you don't think we're crazy. No electricity in the coop will likely prevent the music option, though

Pablo: Thanks! I think WF first started that tradition. We have TONS of them in our garage, as he hates to throw anything away and they are not recyclable in the traditional sense.