Sunday, January 28, 2007

No rest for....

This weekend:

Evenings spent volunteering and taking tickets at fundraising events: 2
Silent auction events directly participated in: 3
Silent auction/fundraising event detritus cleaned up: 2
Birthday parties attended: 1
Birthday wishes expressed to separate birthday-people: 3
Small social gathering hosted: 1
Pots of soup made: 2
House cleaned: 1
Cats groomed: 3
Miles run: 5
Blog posts hastily written: 1

So, why when asked at the birthday party what I’ve been up to, I say, “Uh, I dunno, been busy…”?

I DO know that I have no burning desire to go back to “work” tomorrow. At least it will be comparatively restful. Really, how hard can it be to sit quietly in a cubicle and write/edit/fill out various and sundry documents, self?

There are thousands of worse jobs out there- I’ve even had a few. Staring down sullen teenagers as a hapless substitute teacher? Check. Cleaning toilets? Check. Serving grumpy old people glasses of “shrub”? Check. Looking extremely cheerful while answering the same question (about the bathroom location, usually) a million times, wearing a funny hat? Check. Data entry? Check. Working for temp agencies (shudder)? Check. Eeeesh!

Actually, this list also makes me think of some of the more entertaining job duties I’ve had over the years. Involving lighthouses, various critters, sea caves, kids or nature centers, ah…. Unfortunately, many of them were seasonal/temporary gigs and couldn’t really support our current version of “real life”. More about past fun jobs later; right now I’m trying to cheer myself up!

So. I remind myself how lucky I am, how much I like this “cushy” and steady paycheck. But egads, there are weeks I’d love to just stay home and clean the house (or even the chicken coop!). Anyone got any spare “work-work” motivation to share?


pablo said...

What is "shrub"?

sugarcreekfarm said...

Sadly, no motivation to share here. Only commiseration (is that a word?).

GTR said...

Shrub: Nothing to do with the current president, ahem.

In my case, it was a mixture of 7-Up and orange sherbet at a swanky retirement home. Billed as a healthy "first course". It wouldn't have been so bad, but a few of the patrons liked to use their glasses as receptacles for things they, ah, tried and didn't like. Then I had to clean the glasses (as a squeamish high school student). Mmmm!