Monday, May 28, 2007

3-cat mornings

You've heard of a 3-dog night, right? Well, this weekend had a couple 3-cat mornings. You know, when the cats snuggle in (carefully spaced, in the case of these cats) and advocate for staying in bed all day, like they do? Purrrr... yeah. The weather (dreary and cold) seemed to encourage sloth, too. But goshdarnit, the to-do list and some energy reserves prevailed, and this is what we got done this weekend:

Things planted this weekend (between WF and I):

Raspberries ("overflow" canes from a co-worker)
Persian Garden Kress
Kale (3 varieties)
Lettuce (4 varieties, some from Seed Savers farm)
Leaf Beet
Mustard Greens
Chinese Cabbage
Various flowers (pansies, snapdragons, petunias) transplanted

Loads of Laundry done and dried:

Band-aids applied: 2
(both from bedsheet-changing injuries-!?!)

Sneezes sneezed (from cleaning the super-cluttered spare room)
137 (not really, didn't actually count)

More days needed to get caught up on all projects:
About 365 (or infinite, eh?)

Actual real produce consumed from our garden:
Self-planted mustard greens, the best type! (See I'm not so far behind after all... the garden is helping me out. Whew!)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there: life will slowly get more under control as you go. Really!

cyndy said...

yummy...those greens look like the osaka purple...
and btw...what did the cats accomplish??