Monday, February 11, 2008

More Room Progress

We are finally back into the swing of house projects! WF put the finishing touches on the baby-bedroom paint today (I don't like the word nursery, for some reason; the kid is not a plant!). Wow. Quite a change from this, just about 2 months ago:

to this intermediate stage...
And now THIS:

Complete with new marmoleum and wool rug; i still need to find curtains and all that. I am not a "decorator", but it is nice to have something that looks a bit deliberate/coordinated and gives a nice harmonious feel. Then I need to find some actual baby furniture so I have a place to store all this baby stuff I am supposed to be accumulating. Eeek! We're trying to keep it fairly simple, and the baby won't be sleeping in this room alone until it is much older, so there is some time.

But wow, we're getting closer, eh?


Cromwell Kids & Critters said...

Hey, there!
We were thrilled to hear your exciting news of baby-to-be. I am new to this blogging thing, but have found myself checking out your blog regularly in recent days. It's fun to watch how things progress. We can't wait to see the new addition when he/she arrives.
You're nesting! I so enjoyed pregnancy. I look back on those days fondly. It's an amazing experience. Take care!
P.S.Kayla says hi!

gtr said...

Hey, Christie (and all kids and critters, including Kayla!):

Thanks for the note and for finding the blog! I have been enjoying pregnancy, definitely, just wish I could get rid of my cough. HOpe you are all staying safe from the germs!

Take care!