Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coming Up for Air

OK, still here, just busy again... the glow of the weekend retreat lasted until early this week, when a series of events decided to pull me back to earth; boom. The earth is a really nice place, though, I just need to appreciate my generally soft landings. How about a list of springy things, for now:

1. Remember this rhubarb in this entry, not so long ago? The rhubarb now is unstoppable: it's ready to take over the world. I released it from its confinement, and it's exploding. It is surviving the chicken nibbling quite well. Now it tells me to get some baking/preserving done one of these days.....

2. The chickens are laying well, but no one has gone broody. WF is brooding a bit (heh) about this, hoping that one of the "girls" decides to sit on a nest and hatch us out some eggs again this year, soon. This day looked promising, but turned out just to be regular nest-box congestion (hurry up! I gotta... lay!)

3. The wood ticks have hatched, and they are much less welcome. I spent a bit of time in the woods last night, and ended up with about 15 opportunistic little buggers, some not making their presence known until late at night, crawling... eeesh. Hate ticks.

4. Leaves are definitely emerging from buds these days.... The weather has been crazy warm (80 degrees at least today). WF's excited to see how the apple trees and buds are doing; that man is apple crazy. I love the little mouse-ear leaves on the apple trees... it really IS spring! (Some mosquitoes came by to whisper that in my ear... bzzzzz).

And last (but not least, and not very springy, I suppose); Miss Lutsen the cat is taking it easy after injuring her knee (of all things!) the other night. We didn't see how she did it, but she was very vocally frustrated and hurting. Quick vet trip revealed that she's likely torn her ACL; sports injury kitty!

The vet tells us that cats can often heal pretty well from this, and she does seem to be doing better. It's hard to see her limping around, though; she's been the athletic one, following WF around the orchard like a puppy. I've been looking for more info about these types of things in cats, but apparently there's not alot that can be done short of an elaborate surgery; we'll see how her healing goes. I'm trying bone meal and vitamin C for support for now, trying to keep her calm and indoors. Send kitty recuperation thoughts!

Lutsen thanks you, and I thank you for reading. Really time for bed. Happy spring!

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Sue said...

I have a friend whose cat tore the ACL's on both his rear legs, in two separate incidents. She opted for rest and natural healing the first time, and the surgery the second time, and he healed up from both methods with no discernible limping. The non-surgical way took a little longer, probably because she had a hard time keeping him still.

Hope Lutsen feels better soon!