Saturday, June 28, 2008

Small Boy, Big Presence

Isn't it amazing how someone who only weighs about 13 lbs can attract the attention of 4 big adults?

We did our first big overnight trip, a visit to my parent's cabin. First bath in the sink, first boat ride, first autoharp listening (with a personalized song from my dad). He was smiling more and seemed to enjoy the trip.

I think Bean's figured out the "keys" to his grandparent's hearts!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chick Check

Pssst! Cluck... Mildred! Did you hear the news? Bertha Big Top just hatched out quite a clutch! I heard she sat on 13 eggs, and they all hatched! On Solstice, no less. I think she's a show-off. A good momma, though, I hear...Bawk!

Yes, it's true. WF's mad chicken raising skills have brought forth a new crop for the year... more about that later. It's actually quite hard to get a glimpse of the new chicks, as they hide under the fierce momma hen. Quite a big crop this year, under a veteran hen WF likes to call "Big Top" for her comb. The only broody thus far. Let's hope this batch of 13 yields more hens than our 1 to 7 ratio last year!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Cat

Isn't it odd how human and animal years and ages intersect? 10 years ago yesterday, Lutsen cat was giving birth in this very house. One of the kittens (the runt, actually) turned out to be Schroeder, the "baby cat" who loves to snuggle (but only with people she knows and who are NOT holding the human baby, thankyouverymuch). It's hard to believe these cats are that old, and that they've been in WF's life for that much longer than baby Bean has been. Will likes to remind me that Schroder is NOT a baby, but more in her 50's. Hard to fathom.

Picture does not indicate normal mother-daughter closeness; usually claws are involved if they are that close. Schro is in the front. But that bassinet is SO cozy, you know?

But Happy Belated Birthday, Schroeder! Meow!

And since no post seems to be complete these days without an appearance by Bean, here he is, showing off his first pair of shoes at 7 wks. Sporty!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 weeks Season

So, today is 6 weeks since Bean joined us on the "outside". And a rather cold outside it is! June 11th, and only approximately 11 degrees above freezing. Brrrr. This is crazy. Rain, dreariness, blah.

But it did provide the perfect weather for wearing a certain small sweater; it would definitely be too small by the next season when it is supposed to be cold!

We're huddled around the fire, drinking tea and staying cozy! Lutsen was even inspired to share Will's warmth; some things are worth staying somewhat close to the baby, in her cat opinion!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Eek, More than a Week

Eeek! Over a week since posting! We are Ok, just busy with lots of firsts for the Bean.

-First smiles (no pictures yet)
-First jaunt in the jogging stroller (walking only)
-First 3-hour car trip (with plenty of stops, um, requested).
-First bug bites (UG!)

We’ve also had the last scheduled midwife visit, for weight and general check-in. Bean weighs almost 12 lbs; my arms can definitely feel that! We’ve now “graduated” from midwife care; a bittersweet milestone. Even though the actual birth was in a hospital and was very “medical” at the end, our midwife has stood by us and offered so much support before and after birth; I can’t imagine doing it without her. She came out to weigh Bean on more than one Sunday; imagine a doctor doing that!

It’s also now fully spring, here; getting warmer (when it’s not still 40-some degrees, more in the forecase, grrr), with plenty of rhubarb and dandelions. The apple trees are in blossom. The bugs arrived within the last few days, and I’m already itching. I have discovered that a certain substance available only to (from) nursing mothers can actually help soothe bug bites! Been using it on myself and Bean. Who knew? Amazing stuff.

WF stays busy with the chickens and trying to get caught up in the gardens… the beds really got away from us last fall; I was newly pregnant and exhausted, and we generally get behind anyway. But progress is being made, and one broody hen is cooperating with the “more new chicks” plan. Let’s hope we get some pullets this time! Somewhere around solstice, we’ll see how it goes…

Maybe I'll get better about regular posts, maybe I won't. Been doing more paper writing and book reading lately, since it's easier to balance a notebook or a book than the laptop while nursing or with a sleeping baby on my lap. Multitasking!