Thursday, March 15, 2007

Critter Update

Time for a FrolicFarm critter update (all in one fell-swoop due to limited blogging time this week):

The chickens have enjoyed getting out a bit in our suddenly-long evenings after work. The snow is melting fast and they’re braving the yard again. Here’s the young rooster leading the flock, a rare event that probably made him very proud:

Old Rooster got back to the front of the pack, and led the fluffy-backside bunch up to the house for some tasty (nearly green grass!) grazing.

We’re often asked if the cats are a threat to the chickens. Ha! Especially with this breed, we have no worries once the chickens are mostly grown. Lutsen and big old Rooster (who is actually fairly short and squat for a Buff Orp) provide some scale:

Lutsen usually gives them a wide margin- wouldn’t you, when something was taller than you with a pointy beak? She’s rarely outside alone, and she’s such a people nut that she’s usually underfoot where we can watch her. I used to believe that letting cats outside was a bad idea, but Miss Lutsen has proven to be a good vole-control assistant around the young fruit trees. She’s not allowed out after dark, much to her vocal displeasure. Mrrrrow, grumble, grumble, mmmrow.

And in other cat news, someone has been showing amazing elderly cat athleticism:

BUSTED! Bill with his feet actually THROUGH the dish drainer! Sigh… he’s been looking for different water lately (because he’s apparently become bored with his current 4 water bowl choices). I think maybe his hyperthyroidism has ramped up again. Miss Schroeder (no picture of her new trick) has decided that human vitamins are extremely entertaining, and has been caught more than once absconding with a big flax-oil or calcium pill. She's normally so good that she doesn't have much experience with scolding and/or guilt, and just looks at me in innocent wonder when I tell her to drop it. Ah, cats.

And finally, the humans have been disengaging from crazy work projects every once in a while, going out to visit Lake Superior ice in the 50 degree weather. Eeerie!

It's a far cry from the clear skate-able ice a while back, but still quite amazing. We're back to big fluffy snowflakes today- it's a confusing weather time.

Hope you are all well and enjoying this spring/winter week!


Sue said...

No no no, not Erie ice, Superior ice!!! (Ha! I crack me up! No, wait, no cracks while they're on the ice...)

Love the chicken and cat picture.

Jenniturbo said...

Man, wasn't that clear ice COOOL!? Did you read in the paper that they found a new shipwreck off Park Point? Some fisherman was way out there and just looked down... there it was, big as life, and no one had ever seen it before. Don't know if they ever figured out which ship it was, I suppose they'll do some diving this summer. :)

clairesgarden said...

love the cedars pictures, and Lutsen beside Rooster.