Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Lion Roars!

You know: March! In like a lion, out like a lamb... The lion is definitely here. The drive IN to work today (don't worry, WF was driving while I documented):

The drive home. WF was released early, I was welcome to take vacation time (grrr) to be released from my all-important cubicle-sitting. Many instances of WHITEOUT!

Did you ever read the Little House on the Prairie books? Remember the prairie farmers needing to string a rope from barn to house to avoid getting lost? We're almost to that point. WF trekked to the coop when we got home (I watched from the doorway- heh), and was richly rewarded. 8 eggs! Trusty chickens... they are earning their corn lately.

WF was wide-eyed in wonder. This weather is crazy; I don't remember a storm like this in many years. Most places in town are already closed (people seemed eager for an excuse for an early weekend, really). It wasn't really THAT bad driving home today. We do have a 4WD truck that we use occasionally (Thanks, Dad!) and it got us home... but couldn't handle the drifted driveway. It's parked about half-way down; we'll dig it out later. I don't think we're going anywhere for a couple days!

Because I am also a nerd, I taped a bit of the wind. It seems even stronger now as darkness sets in. If you live in a tropical locale, huddle next to your computer with a scarf and imagine...

(If that doesn't work, try this link).


Now what to do with our snow-day tomorrow? Hmmm....


Deb said...

My kids' school is officially cancelled tomorrow (Friday). I am dancing the hooray! What the F will I do? dance.

BurdockBoy said...

I love the film.

I have no idea how much snow is out there, but I may not be able to get out of here until Satuday. I may get to use the chains I bought out west for the Mtn passes just to get out of my driveway.

What excitement. We really lacked it this winter.

Tracy said...

Wow - you guys really had the wind up there. Here in the Cities we just had snow, snow, snow.