Saturday, March 10, 2007

Solar Panel Pokey

Whew. Today was a warm, sunny weekend day (and the big snow is melting fast). If you live off-grid, that doesn't mean it's time to lounge on the deck with a cup of tea. Nope. It usually means that it's time to catch up on household chores that have been on hold while the sun hid during the week! Whoo!

It becomes a race, seeing how much good use I can make of the sun before it's gone. It's a juggling act, because there's not enough power to run everything at once... but once the batteries are full, the power goes nowhere and it seems a shame to waste it. But I also try to use as much passive sun as possible at the same time, airing and sunning things to take advantage of the natural disinfecting powers of sunlight.

Should I do this second load of laundry or should I run the vacuum? Can I sweep the stairs while the laundry runs so I have time to vacuum when it's done, then still have enough sun to dry the scrubbed floor? Is there anything I can cook with electricity while I scrub? Will the first load of laundry dry on the rack before the second load finishes? (Are you fascinated yet?) Can I clean the coop a bit in time for the dust to settle before the chickens go to bed?

It's a dance, really. A little like the Hokey Pokey, in fact! Behold my late-night musings, and sing along!

The Solar Panel Pokey

Put your first laundry in,
pull the vacuum cleaner out,
hang your dirty rugs up
and shake them all about

You do the Solar Pokey and you’re thankful for the sun
The sun’s what it’s all about!

Pull your first laundry out,
Put the drying rack out,
Hang the first clothes up
And shake them all about

You do the Solar Pokey and you watch for creeping clouds
The sun’s what it’s all about!

Put the vacuum cleaner on,
Suck those icky bugs up
Stretch that vacuum out
And wheel it all about

You do the Solar Pokey and you choose your power use
The sun’s what it’s all about

Put the second laundry in
Empty the drying rack out
Put the vacuum cleaner in
And juggle junk all about

You do the Solar Pokey and you juggle many tasks
The sun’s what it’s all about

Put the throw pillows out
Bring fresher rugs back in
Put the big broom out
And sweep stuff all about

You do the Solar Pokey and the sun is almost set
The sun’s what it’s all about

Pull the second laundry out
Hang the clothing all up
Open doors for airing in
Jump in the shower and wash it all about


You did the Solar Pokey and you made the full best use
The sun’s what it’s all about!!


loribird said...

Your song cracked me up!
Glad you got your sunny day!

e4 said...

Strange as it may sound, yes, I actually am fascinated... except I'll have that %*@& song in my head for a couple days now. :)

Deb said...

Yeah, thanks for getting that *%&^(@ song in my head. But what a novel idea, scheduling tasks around the availability of energy, instead of thinking the world is available at our convenience and disposal! Your way, I think, is far more in tune with nature.

gtr said...

Heh, sorry about the song, e4 and Deb! Do you have it in your head with MY words or the originals? Glad you liked it, loribird!

I think our house is somewhat unusual, in that we have "regular" stuff like a vacuum cleaner and washer, yet are dependent on the panels for power (ie we're not living in a yurt, etc). But it IS nice to remember our connection to the sun!