Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sun + Snow = Play!

The weather is THE big news, so one more snow post for you. We got the driveway all cleared yesterday, and even managed to leave the property for a visit to a friend nearby.

The clearing WAS quite a feat. The drifts were too tall for the snowblower, so we took off the top foot or so with shovels before WF came through with his mighty mite of a snow-removal machine (no plows for us, bah!). It did work in the end:

The sun came out and it's beautiful! We've been out more on the snowshoes. It really IS a magical way to travel.

Much of this land is rather wet, so it's great to have this even blanket of white that allows us to float above it all. WF showed me an amazing grove of cedars clustered around a living spring just across the property line; may it always remain safe from any logging-minded neighbors! No pictures of that particular place; it's a secret grove, hard to access from any road.

We were not the only ones enjoying the snowshoe effect. Snowshoe hare evidence:

We also saw "tracks" (more like deep holes) left by a bounding buck; think of the energy it would take to get through this with long, skinny legs and hooves! WF also shoveled out the chicken yard (he's been out enough for sunburn-eek). They were a bit wimpy, but seemed to enjoy the sun once they were convinced it was safe to venture out.

(Shelter wall built by WF with compacted driveway snow). Lutsen came out to "help" with the shoveling: she also proved to be a bit wimpy about it all.

It's been a nice long weekend; hard to think about going back to work tomorrow. There's so much more I wanted to get done! But there's still a bit of skiing and snow adventure to look forward to, something we've been sorely lacking this winter. We're actually thankful for the snow!

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clairesgarden said...

it looks beautiful, and the snowshoes look fun but hard work. love the cat following your tracks, its been so long since my cats saw snow I am not sure what they'd do ou tin it.