Friday, March 02, 2007

Morning Snow

Our sliding glass door this morning:

Schroeder is helpfully providing cat-height scale, while Lutsen uses the cat viewing platform to peek out. Granted, these are drifts, but similar drifts have sealed up the garage, driveway, chicken yard AND generator. The solar panel seems to have survived the wind but isn't taking anything in (no sun!). The "roof" (piece of plywood) blew off the generator shed, so the generator is a bit snowy. We don't really want to run it in the storm. So we're conserving, cozy in the house with a slightly-malfunctioning thermostat (it was actually too warm this morning). Adventures!

And now, being home in the daylight, I'm realizing what a mess the house is- eeek. I guess I know what my snow day activity will be... it's long overdue, and I really need about a week for decluttering. I'll head out for some rousing shoveling and photography later, but for now it still snowing.

All local schools and universities are closed, and I just heard (oh, horror!) that they've closed the local Mall. With the current values/priorities of our greater culture, now we KNOW it's a snow day! Nice to see that the earth can get our attention every once in a while and cause change in our activities! (Not that I was planning to go to the mall anytime soon, but still...)

For now the cats say: Humans? Home all day? It's not a snow day, it's a Cat Day! Pet me now! Purr...


BurdockBoy said...

Hope you're enjoying your snow day! I can't believe it's been still snowing all day and supposed to tonight as well. Phew.

Laurie said...

I love that you named your cats Lutsen and Schroeder!