Sunday, May 20, 2007


Friday's average temp: 70ish
Today's average temp: 36
Today's weather highlight (lowlight?): waking up to snow on the deck
Time until Summer Solstice: 1 month
Yep, that's Minnesota for you!

Maybe it's the weather, but I'm just not getting into garden stuff yet. We have some brave cress and lettuce in the garden, but nothing blog-worthy yet. I just don't feel like the sun is quite ready to bless us with growing season yet, so why force it? In fact, the sky was looking downright grumpy today! Felt like something was watching us...

But the chickens are brave.

A few of the hens have been outfitted with their new "fashion for passion", ala this entry a while back. The roosters have been getting a little, shall we say, overzealous lately. The young rooster is managing to sneak in a little action more often, much to big rooster's dismay and vocal annoyance. But I suppose the saddles can keep the hens warm in this crazy weather, too!

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Senja said...

Yeah it's cold. I haven't gotten out to the garden yet this year because of that. Tag your it! check my blog for details.