Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summer's near:

2 firsts today:
The StingStop came out:

(Darn ticks; I really react to bites from anything that cares to bite me. Anyone have any good anti-itch secrets?)

And bare feet were spotted! This is a special Mother's Day mother-child foot photo courtesy of WF. I'm too shy to show the top view, so here's our feet view. Guess who's got the unpolished toes! (I've just never accepted the idea that my toes should be shiny for public display).


e4 said...

For itch relief, try to find some jewelweed. I got stung by some stinging nettle a while back. While the stinging persisted, I ran to google to look for remedies. Lo and behold, we had a remedy growing right by our creek!

I broke off the stalk of one and rubbed the juice on the fingers that were stinging. It was like magic. Within a few seconds, all was well.

I just wish we had some jewelweed growing on our new property...

BurdockBoy said...

I can't believe the ticks this year. We frontlined the dogs because we've had literally hundreds of ticks in the house.

I will look into E4's remedy for itch relief.