Thursday, May 24, 2007


Darn, I’m ready to stop working evenings (and days, and weekends, and...) The house is a mess, and poor WF has been fending completely for himself for dinners, etc lately. He usually does quite a bit of the cooking, anyway (I’m not really a stellar homemaker in the best of times, ahem) but I just haven’t been home at all lately... Busy bringin’ home the bacon, I suppose.

We’re mired in some cold, wet weather, so the gardens are just sitting... It looks nothing like this a year ago, that’s for sure.

Lutsen-cat is doing pretty well, limping along. Her back leg (torn ACL a while back) sits out at odd angles and flops around a bit, but she’s getting around enough to take a few whaps at the other cats and demand to be let outside, where she’s started to follow WF around the orchard again. Hoping she makes a more complete recovery eventually.

The chickens are fine, laying eggs but not sitting on them. WF got the chicken tractor up and running (vroooom-cluck!) so some lucky hens get to spend the days “outside” working up the ground. Still hoping for some pictures of the newly-hatched progeny over at our friend’s house. The friend’s 13 year old daughter is THRILLED with the hatch; she’s been writing us great updates on the blessed event.

Hmmm, the creative juices are just not flowin’ today; suppose I should pack up and head home, work-projects put off (until tomorrow, of course). Hoping sleep will help, gotta stop reading interesting books right before bed. Later!

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pablo said...

Interesting books right before bed? Do they enter your dreams? That's never happened to me, though sometimes evening movies will.