Monday, September 29, 2008

3 Days

Variety IS the spice of life, eh? Check out my weekend summary:

Visited 1.5 week old baby born in a log cabin built by his daddy; brought food to help with their off-grid new-baby life.

Attended a baby shower (with Bean) that included a great wisdom-sharing circle and other blessings for a baby boy-to-be, the son of two mommies older than me.

Sat briefly by the shore of the big Lake, watching waves and showing Bean smooth rocks

Found myself fainted on the floor of the bathroom at 3 am, then revisited my dinner in a most unpleasant way; scared us all, but recovered quickly. Food poisoning?

Worked a little on cleaning, and seriously stressed about an upcoming visit by a realtor; need to do more cleaning!!!

Decided we DO have a case of thrush, and ran around the town looking for grape seed extract. Hope we can catch it pretty quick; Bean’s got white patches on his tongue and is grumpy about nursing. Acidophilus, Vinegar, sunlight, grapeseed extract is our current arsenal; we’ll see; fingers crossed.

Attended a great play called BIRTH; I had helped with publicity for the local show. Saw my own “belly pics” from late pregnancy projected on the wall as part of the play (surprise!).

Sat on stage after the play as part of a panel that included my midwife, lactation consultant and other amazing local women; I was the last-minute “mother/consumer” participant; an honor!

Ran home after the play to meet old friends from Alaska who were passing through town and dropped by with little notice; was so good to see them, but wow!

Started getting stuffy and feeling like I was coming down with a cold by Sunday evening…

From baby to wisdom to throwing up to sitting on stage to welcoming old friends; what a wild ride! But now it’s Monday, and I’m supposed to be productive at work, and should be avoiding coffee (with cream) and sugar for thrush-prevention reasons. Hmmmm.

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BurdockBoy said...

That's more than I did this entire month. Sheeesh.