Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Diaper Day

A sunny interlude in the rainy week; a lovely warm Tuesday today, my new "day off". How best to use this day? I've discussed this solar-powered home phenomenon before; some people might think of the beach- I think of laundry!

To be honest, I did think of the beach, but in the end just couldn't swing it. I did make to town for a Mothersong gathering, which was nice. I did some other errands, but got back in time to dry a load of sheets and take down the diapers I put out earlier in the day. There might not be many more days this warm left this year! And our daycare provider has recently stopped offering the commercial account with the diaper service, so we bring back dirty diapers from Bean's days there; ugh. It's getting harder to keep up.

So, today, we visited the Diaper Beach! A rare moment of lawn time in the sun. The chickens usually have the run of the yard and that makes for it's own complications, but they seemed to be off somewhere else. So, this is how we enjoyed the sun!

Bean has a great new trick; turning over! Yes, indeed; from the tummy to the back, with only a little grunting and great concentration. That darn arm gets in the way, but he's on his way to becoming mobile! Yikes! But it's great fun... growing up!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you and Kelton had a great sunny day for "hanging out" together! What a great way to combine work and play! Congrats on the new mobility feat also. He is growing up so fast!!!!

Grampa and Grama

BurdockBoy said...

Nice diapers.

KIA is starting to get the potty training thing, but it's definitely not consistent. We've been having her naked a lot which helps her realize she is going.

I'm sick of washing diapers anyhow.

carrster said...

Ooh Mothersong - I've been thinking of going. I'll have to try to get us there one of these weeks.