Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on days

I had Tuesday off, and I managed to get to not one, but THREE momma/baby daytime gatherings. Whew. It messed a bit with Bean’s nap times, but he’s an adaptable little guy and caught a few zzzz’s in the car or in my lap.

I hear quite a bit about stay-at-home moms feeling isolated, but I really think there’s an element of isolation for working moms, too. So many library story times, La Leche League, Mothersong and other gatherings are during the day when I’m trapped in my cubicle. I realized I hadn’t seen another baby in a long time; very sad. So Tuesday was a festival of visiting; it was GREAT.

Soon, it will be helpful for Bean to be with other kids his age, but for now, it’s mostly for me to gather with other moms and to really revel in my new role, as well as talking baby stuff with others. People tell me, “Oh, he’ll be FINE in daycare, look at how happy he is, lalala…” But that’s not the whole picture. I want to be the best mom I can be, and for me right now that involves getting together with other moms and babies. Where else can I ask about cradle cap and co-sleeping?

I’m hopeful that this new schedule of Tuesdays off will work for a while, at least until my part-time window ends and I’m back to 5-day-a-week cubicle confinement. I’m even sensing less resentment for my cubicle today, if I can get away from it during the times when other moms are gathering… horray!

(Written on Wednesday, finally posted today!)

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