Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekend Catch-up

Whew! We're still here, finally now getting to last weekend's posting. We've been trying to do a bit too much, I think, but it's been fun. Just tired now, in the midst of the regular week. Need more hours in the day!

Here's a sampling of what we've been up to, told in pictures:

Some friends "bought the farm" (literally) and so we shared in a little welcome celebration there. Very exciting intentional community plans in the works; more on that soon.

Bean turned 4 months old, and I turned 36 years old. Ugh. We're both getting to be so mature, eh?

Bean has definitely discovered that hands are useful, especially for bringing things up to one's mouth to chew on. Toys are a necessity now, and grumping can happen simply because he's bored and wants a toy, not just the old standbys of hunger or wet diapers. Our little boy is growing up!

He also loves to stand up, putting those extra-pudgy knees to good use.

We attended a family reunion on my side and then saw WF's parents. All 4 grandparents in the same day! Bean is the star attaction, with a few smiles for all...

We then ventured out to the Rennaisance Festival, a big sunny day. We were a bit rushed, but still had a good glimpse of that "otherworld"... there is a nice feel to the place. We hadn't been there in years; looks like a fun place to go back to with an older kid someday.

So, life is full and colorful, just like this post. But also sometimes TOO full, also like this post. Off to go try to catch up with the house chaos and the sleep shortage!

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BurdockBoy said...

Wow Bean is getting so big. It's amazing. Glad to see you're doing well. I also look forward to hearing about the intentional community.