Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today is Tuesday

It's my once-a-week Tuesday post! Just barely. Beginning a new pattern, here, I see. Too busy and scattered to get many more posts up, lately.

I've been trying and trying to upload a very cute video of the Bean rolling over, but it just won't work. Alas. Just imagine a very determined little guy, working hard to get over that pesky arm, then making it juuuust over that hump and plop! Onto the belly with some enthusiastic kicking and squealing. Very cute. Now he makes it look pretty easy, but it's still exciting (for all of us!)

I do have evidence of a new milestone, though; hiking with the Ergo in the back position! He did well, sleeping through some short North Shore hikes while we were on our way back from a rare out-of-town work event for me.

Awww... I tried this position today, and found it much more comfy for MY back, too... I like having him in the front-carry position, but it's killing my posture. And I'm not being wimpy; we found out today that he just doesn't seem big, he IS big! Now he's OVER the 95th percentile for all measurements; my little overachiever. Or maybe certain parts of my anatomy are the overachievers... hmmmm.

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