Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Reader!

Time to catch up a bit with a few pictures: we've been falling behind and not even taking that many pictures lately! Eeek! We just visited a 1.5 week old baby yesterday (who wasn't much smaller than Bean when born) and it's so hard to even imagine that Bean was once that size. How time flies and things change in 5 months!

It seems we are raising a reader! This is great, but definitely impresses my mom, who is a long-time advocate of lots of early reading (she taught kids to read for decades!). Here they are sharing a book a couple weeks ago:

Our bedtime routine has not yet involved many books, because he's usually out like a light very quickly (we are so lucky, yes, we know that!). But in the last few days, his self-selected bedtime of 8:00 (he's very punctual; it's uncanny!) has been pushed to about 8:30 or so... with plenty of wiggling beforehand. Here we are tonight trying out a bedtime book:

It worked fairly well; the book was interesting and tasty, too. But it's not all scholarly around here; sometimes we just have to gaze into mirrors and admire the cute babies that live inside!

Those mirror-babies sure are funny! (And one of the only ways to capture smiles on camera, because he is still suspicious of those flashy things...)

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