Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Random List

In interest of an efficient, 3 a.m. posting, I present a list:

1. I have lost my "everyday" glasses, likely in the weeds along a friend's half-mile long driveway. Was distracted and likely put them on the bumper before putting on prescription sunglasses when going for a run. Very sad. Am considering renting a metal detector; we're not finding them with other methods. My first truly bone-headed "new mom fog" move, I think. Now the question becomes: at what price vanity? My back-up glasses are functional, but I don't like them. Hmmm.

2. It is truly feeling like Fall around here. I sit here typing away in a cold draft, coming from someplace unknown. We're already dressing the poor baby-bean in winter clothes and hats. I know we will need to keep the house warmer this year, but this house has a weird ability to make heat inputs disappear; even the woodstove doesn't help much. Grrr. But I suppose firing up the furnace for the year will help. We purchased an insane amout of pre-buy propane this year. $$$$

3. Speaking of $$$, we are still trying to figure out a budget/expense/income plan that works for us. I always thought families who said they needed two incomes were not trying hard enough; now I realize it totally depends on the size of that income. I'd love to not be tied to my "no-telecommuting-ever" office job, but right now the finances do not permit that. Need to get more inspired looking for alternatives, I guess.

4. And last but definitely not least, Bean-baby continues to be cute! A new milestone this week: sitting in the exersaucer! He really had his first taste of exersaucer freedom at daycare, but I'm pretending that's not the case. Can't bear to think of him having "firsts" at daycare without me. They even went on a field trip to a farm last week; hard to get my head around him going on field trips without me already. 4 months seems a little early to let go, doesn't it?

Anyway. Exersaucer=cute. He's really been more interested in sitting up lately; mobility is not far behind!

(Note: more positive posts later; I don't work tomorrow, will be more cheerful when the sun comes up!)


BurdockBoy said...

One income is tough to survive on. We've been doing it for a bit, but just barely making it. Moh has been doing some at home seamstress work and hopefully that will be enough. I just can't imagine having to move again even though an $800 rental is killing us.

Good luck.

Marty said...

Kelton is so darn cute!! I remember the girls loved to be in thier excersaucer. (sp?) I have so many pictures of Rae in hers. We had one that made animal sounds and I would pretend I was making the sounds and they would really crack up. Does Kelton have "doodads" on his excersaucer?

noel said...

It's not just a great picture, it's way beyond that. It's Kelton's adorble personality showing so vividly: I keep looking at it to examine his expression...