Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby on the Brain

In the last month, I have attended 3 birth classes, 1 breastfeeding class, 1 long meeting with a great doula, 3 prenatal yoga classes, 1 Childbirth Collective meeting, toured a new possible birth-center-to-be, had 1 midwife appointment, 1 regular doctor’s appointment, read birthing books, listened to a birth relaxation CD, done some journaling and drawing related to birth, registered at various places to give upcoming shower attendees ideas on what we need and coordinated visiting and getting baby stuff like a carseat and a crib from 3 friends and various other sources.

Ahem. Can you guess where my brain is, these days? Sounds a bit extreme, perhaps, but I want to be a prepared, empowered (and frugal) mama. I do know, however, that no amount of preparation will really tell us what life will be like after baby arrives. Or what the actual birth experience will be like. But I’m getting closer to making my final decision about birthing location (NOT at the hospital) and other things. I’m feeling a bit more caught up, even if the to-do list is still very long!

I DID skip the La Leche League meeting I had hoped to attend today because I was somewhat rooted in my office chair and could not escape the inertia of a warm office when I know it’s at least -11 F out there.

Oh, yeah, and I also have a full-time job and various house projects to complete. I’m still coughing, and I’m tired. Could that be why I’m having trouble concentrating on work-related proposals that include sentences like this?

•Integrate an additional focus to perform complimentary work to address looming issues of energy supply problems and related availability threats and cost increases.

Ack. I need some more brain cells. Anyone got some to spare?


Heidi said...

Heh heh... that's gonna be one smart baby! Looks like the brain cell transfer has begun. Get used to it. ;-)

Christie said...

I'm here to tell you the brain cell disintegration will only progress as time passes. Sorry...well, sort of sorry. You'll be joining the ranks of many other wonderful, formerly intelligent people.


Deb said...

I only wish I had been at the level of awareness you are when I was having my babies. All hospital births, all went well with minimal intervention (Mr. Attitude practically birthed himself!) but I wish I would have had the information, and the initiative, to have had the births at home.