Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hot Cold Remedy

Even though I am feeling a bit better lately, this 2-week-long cold is still kicking my backside. Waaaay too much, ah, fluid in places it should not be. Ears, nose, lungs- ugh. I don't normally take many cold medications, but those avenues are definitely closed with baby-to-be sharing this body with me.

So, I'm trying to remember other good remedies, things I sometimes do and tend to forget later.

Like this:

Nope, not hiding my head in despair. Inhaling steam! Thyme-scented steam, in this case. I've used it before; it has anti-spasmodic qualities to prevent dry coughs and is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is not recommended for medicinal use internally in pregancy, which is why I'm not drinking it or using essential oil. But I'm desperate to get rid of this cough/snot issue, which is also not likely good for baby. The coughing wakes up baby-to-be at night, I think... more kicking at times that were usually quiet before.

More for my own records than anything: remember the power of steam and herbs!


maggie said...

I think that cold is making its way around the nation. We have had it for about three weeks now. Have you tried a nice mustard and onion mask for your chest? Sounds a bit off but my Grandmom used to do it to clear me up kinda a precursor to Vicks. Even if you weren't with young I would say forgo the otc cold medicines they are useless for most things with the exception of fever reduction and anti-histamine. Hope you are feeling better soon.

aleximac said...

Sage steam works really well too. Same antibacterial/fungal qualities. Two weeks, you say... that means I have about 4 days left. Whoopee!

Feel better, GTR!

gtr said...

Thanks, both...

Yes, I don't usually do cold medications much anyway, but a little sudaphed or something to avoid so much congestion is sometimes good for avoiding the sinus infections I seem to be prone to... not getting on this time, though.

Thanks for the sage suggestion, Aleximac; I will try it soon. Hope you feel better, too!