Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day Love

Happy Leap Day, and Happy Anniversary to WF! It is finally time for our “first” anniversary of getting engaged on a favorite Lake Superior beach, 4 years ago today.

It was a lovely day, and one steeped in a little fun historical significance. I first wrote about it here, (click to see fun postcards!) which is getting quite a lot of hits lately as Leap Day approached.

You see, it used to be known that during a Leap Year, it is the “prerogative of a women to ask a man’s hand in marriage.” The article that I found from 1904 in the Ely, MN Miner newspaper says that “many sensitive young men have been dodging somewhat elderly young ladies ever since New Year’s Day.” Ha!

Well, I’ll admit that I was a “somewhat elderly” young lady back in 2004 (was 31, yikes), and had decided that I was very certain about being with WF and wanted to honor this old (if slightly sexist; why not ask anytime?) custom. It was an anniversary of sorts, anyway, and we were in a place I consider very dear. We ended up both asking each other, and our fate has continued on, married for 3 years now and expecting a baby. It was a good start to a life together, and it’s fun to finally have the first “anniversary” of that day back again.

Happy Leap Day, WF! I love you!


WF said...

Hey bean,

Love you too.
May we navigate these churning times and world, connected and moving forward!

love, "WF"

- - - -

Leap , Leap , Leap

pablo said...

I married a "slightly older" young lady as well. I think the marriage idea was a mutually reached consensus thingy and it was long a given before I actually did do a Christmas Eve question asking.

cyndy said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you! May you enjoy many more Leap Days together!