Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stuff Status

Weather: Still cold. -20F Monday, slightly warmer now. The novelty is wearing off!

Health: Baby is fine, making fun rolling motions. I am still hacking away with a lingering cough. Blah.

House: Don’t really know, will only use it for sleeping this week. 12-14-hour long days in town (all week!) are getting tiresome...need to stop that soon.

Baby Stuff: Am indulging in “cute” clothes shopping at Salvation Army, etc. Why not?

Motivation: Fairly high for home/baby stuff, not so high for work-work stuff like grant budgets and purchase orders, etc. More blah.

Craving: Chocolate! Not typical for me, but can’t stop. Sure is tasty...

Am I a stereotype, or what?


Morgan said...

Hey your own personal morgan here what do you need and where do you live perhaps I do know someone there and we can hook you up!

cyndy said...

Things sound like they are going along just fine....(except for that weather...brutal!)

and yes, stereotype...but in a good way...;-)

gtr said...

Thanks, Morgan! Wow, long distance stuff hook-up? Can you email me? raisingfrolic at yahoo dot com.
I am right now rather obsessed with finding a nice, full-size Universald Co-sleeper, which is a hard size to find. But maybe will just buy it new! Thanks!

Yes, weather continues to be brutal; only -13 this morning! Really getting rather ready for spring...